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What People Say

OMG, I’m so gay and I LOVE Pervert Pete! I wish he would sookie sookie all over my face!

John Fuller

Pervert Pete is the funniest guy ever! Who knew a guy in a ski mask would make me have to change my panties after talking to him! 2 fingers up!

Hillary Rice

Yo, this dude is crazy! I show him my tits and first thing he says is, “Wow, I didn’t know there were black girls with minus A cups!” This nigga trippin lol

Kesha Michelle

My 19 year old daughter in college got drunk and showed her tits to this guy after I told her to “just check out his YouTube channel” now my daughters tits are on this site! If I wasn’t a fan I’d kick the shit out of you, Pete. Oh, you’re such a silly goose Pete, thanks for the laughs (ᵔᴥᵔ)

Matt Hutchinson

I love bob an vagine and Pete has them all!

Rodrigo Alonso

My daughter is a fan and she showed me his videos & I was OUTRAGED!! But then after I started talking to Pete, I was AROUSED! I can’t get enough of that Pervert Pete Meat! Keep em coming Pete…..or keep me coming 😉

Mila Jackson